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Uzbekistan has got numerous domestic and international Airports with many different Uzbekistani air carriers along with other international airlines going to domestic and international airports.

Air terminals in Uzbekistan usually have banks, airport accommodations, airport rental car companies, airport taxi cab services, convention facilities, foreign exchange bureaus, duty-free stores, post offices, healthcare facilities and dining places.

Using this web site, you'll be able to check out Uzbekistani Airports’ web sites, Airport Codes, Airport roadmaps, main Uzbekistani Airline carriers that fly to and from there.

Airports in Uzbekistan | International Airports Around The World | Major Airport in Uzbekistan |
Airports in Uzbekistan
Airports in Uzbekistan
Major Airports Around The World
Major Airport in Uzbekistan
  • Airport Name: Tashkent International Airport

  • Airport Location: 7mls/11kms South of Tashkent

  • Airport Address: 700167 Tashkent

  • Airport Telephone Number: +998 71 254 2698/255 4858

  • Airport Fax Number: +998 71 254 2698/133 4228

  • Airport Website: tashkent-url

  • Airport Terminals: One

  • Airlines: Aeroflot Russian Airlines, Aeroflot-Don, Air Baltic, Air Company Scat, Asiana Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Dalavia-Far East Airways Khabarovsk, Domodedovo Airlines, IMAIR, Indian Airlines, Iran Air, Krasnoyarsk Airlines, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia Airlines, Orenair, Rossiya - Russian Airlines, S7 Airlines, Tatarstan, Transaero, Turkish Airlines, Ukrainian-Mediterranean Airlines, Ural Airlines, Uzbekistan Airways
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